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Media Representation

When clients choose not to speak with the media on their own, or are unable to, GSCG senior executives provide on-the-record media representation including attributable press statements, interviews, and background briefings with journalists.

Website Development

Besides traditional media relations and public advocacy services, GSCG also works with clients to develop Websites to reach targeted audiences. GSCG recently designed former super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff's site for his public speaking on Washington's corrupting nature.

Public opinion

Influencing the court of public opinion is critical before criminal defense cases reach the court of law. GSCG's public advocacy program for U.S. citizen Zack Shahin was helpful in his attempt to successfully receive bail after four years in a Dubai prison. Here is an example of an issue advocacy video targeting U.S. policymakers who pushed for Shahin's bail.

Advocacy videos

GSCG offers video services including the production of documentaries and issue advocacy videos. Please watch this documentary on the issue of child trafficking in the Netherlands.


Development of issue advocacy print advertising campaigns in Capitol Hill publications - Politico, Roll Call, and the Hill - and online banner advertising projects on leading Web sites.

Campaign Consulting

Economizing Time: holding briefings for clients, including color PowerPoint presentations, as one on one or to small group, Appling Modern Technology to PR: preparation of texts for video blogs...

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