Government Relations and Public Advocacy

Congressional, Executive Branch, and Foreign Access and Communication

Working with custom-assembled teams of seasoned Washington professionals with decades of Congressional, government, and lobbying experience, we provide direct access to and communication with Senators, Congressmen, and staff; committees and subcommittees; both Republicans and Democrats; and Executive Branch departments and agencies through personal meetings, phone calls, and electronic communication. We make sure that the decision makers understand the facts that are important to you and hear your perspective on the issues from a credible and familiar source. Based on our extensive international experience, we also have access to officials in a number of governments around the world, both directly and through their embassies in Washington.

Legislative Monitoring

You can’t protect your interests or advance your agenda if you don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors in Washington. In addition to communicating your perspective, we keep you abreast of developments in committees and subcommittees, the progress of bills impacting you (including when and how action is needed to either facilitate, block, or modify it), and provide analysis of “what it means” in the sometimes complex mix of Washington procedures and jargon.

Finding Allies and Neutralizing Opponents

Promoting your interests in Washington rarely takes place in a vacuum. Chances are that other interests – companies, think tanks, media, governments (state, local, foreign) – are impacted as well, presenting opportunities to find reinforcement and form issue coalitions, as well as to anticipate and negate countermoves by opposing interests. We provide both the strategic intelligence and the outreach to keep you on the strong side the curve.

Controlling the Discussion and “Branding” Your Issue

In close coordination with GSCG’s media specialists and analysts, we ensure that your message is “translated” into the most effective language to deliver the most influence. Even with the best message and most reliable messenger, winning in Washington means “branding” your point of view to give your perspectives the moral and political high ground they deserve. This means that materials for direct delivery to decision makers as well as targeted and general media outreach are carefully crafted to be both factual and convincing, in order to resonate positively with the people you are trying to inform and educate.

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