Project Success Stories

Anyone interested may request a list of GSCG clients and/or more detailed case studies

Represented a Christian community facing an imminent, hostile decision by some U.S. and European policy makers that would have jeopardized the community’s survival. With an active, last-minute combined program of lobbying and communications to re-brand the issues involved, we managed to delay the decision for almost two years and line up international supporters. While the danger did not disappear – largely due to the eleventh-hour launch of the campaign – our efforts gave the threatened community a fighting chance in what has developed as a protracted stalemate, far better than the almost certain extinction they initially faced.

Successfully defended the interests of a television broadcasting station in a former Soviet republic against politically motivated pressures. Mobilized bloggers and other points of influence to defend the station, securing a result far more advantageous than other media similarly targeted.

Arranged meetings for local Washington business and religious leaders (and developed strategic messaging and briefed speakers) to discuss the dangers of radical Islam with a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee members and staffers, and analysts at leading think-tanks including the Heritage Foundation, Brookings Institution, Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Committee on the Present Danger.

Successfully obtained Congressional approval of legislation to permit U.S. civil nuclear cooperation with a regional nuclear power. This entailed a range of mixed lobbying, media, and analysis services, including direct contact with Senators, Congressmen, and staff; analysis and drafting of legislative language and management of amendments; drafting and distribution of informational and educational materials to Congress, the Executive Branch, media, think tanks, industry, and the interested public; and management of conferences and seminars.

Launched and managed a sophisticated informational and educational advocacy campaign to redefine a profoundly negative economic impact of a little-known statute, setting it up for repeal. This entails (Note: currently in progress) mobilizing grassroots and think tank focus on the statute; direct lobbying of both houses of Congress; website and new media management; and distribution of analyses and media releases.

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